Powerful and relaxing – Enjoy the beautiful Lake View

The studio is located in the downtown of Horgen and offers a beautiful view to the Lake of Zurich. This unique place offers space for relaxation and a retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

How do we organize our classes?

Each class begins with a silent, inner preparation, guided by the teacher.

After this preparation we start with standing postures. The focus is on a correct alignment of the body.

Because we place great emphasis on the individual care of our students, we limit the group size to a maximum of fifteen persons.

The standing postures (asanas ) are the basis for more advanced positions, followed by inversions, backward and forward bendings.

The last part of the class is dedicated to regenerative and relaxing postures.

Who may assist our classes?

The Iyengar method can be practiced basically by anyone, regardless of age, gender and health.

What are the benefits of the classes?

In order to achieve a benefit it is necessary to practice on a regular basis.

Health problems can be solved and emotional stress symptoms are relieved.

The benefits of the classes: relief of physical discomfort, emotional stability, a deep inner contentment.

Can you harm yourself while practicing?

We are using supports, which enable the students to perform the postures in a correct way.

Each student should perform the exercises according to his/her own capabilities.

If a student is not corrected by the teacher and performs a posture over many years incorrectly, it can actually cause health problems.

Therefore, the classes should be conducted only by a qualified teacher.